Should I take lessons in an automatic or manual


We are  committed to helping you choose the right course.  So we have written a blog and asked the question, should I take lessons in an automatic or manual.



 What are the benefits of learning in an Automatic

The benefits of learning in an Automatic are simply you aren’t having to change gear, that’s it.

A lot of customer’s are under the impression that learning in an Automatic is going to get them their licence quicker.

This simply isn’t correct.

The  (DVSA) would still recommend you take between 40-55 hours driving tuition.

It also means that if after passing your test in an Automatic, you then decide you want a manual car, you would have to have lessons in a manual

Manual Tuition

Manual tuition is better in my opinion, as it is far more economical, and will provide you with a better fuel economy.

A clear explanation or demonstration from your Instructor, can help you overcome your fear of gears.  And in around 3-4 hours you’ll be changing them without any assistance.

There are other things to take into consideration as well.

This blog by admiral insurance gives another insight into the difference of Automatic or Manual Tuition.


If you want to spend less money on your driving then choosing to learn in a manual is far more cost effective.

If you are restricted by budget, you should be prepared to pay a higher hourly rate for automatic tuition.

Breakdowns in an automatic can be far more expensive too, a gearbox in an automatic is far more expensive than a manual.

We understand that choosing a course can be difficult which is why we offer a driving assessment.