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What happens on a driving test

 How to prepare for a driving test  Around 1.6 million people every year, want to learn to drive. Yet only 47% of those people actually pass their driving test first time. What happens on a driving test? Do you already have a driving test booked? It would be a good idea to take a mock test with your driving instructor first to make sure you… Read More


How To Pass Your Driving Test

With over 16 years in the driver training industry our head trainer shares his top tips on How To Pass Your Driving Test. Well if you have you’re practical test booked, my advice is make sure you have had at least  40-50 hours practice. The national average for passing the driving test first time is currently around 47%. Which would suggest that candidates are taking… Read More


Intensive and Semi Intensive Courses Explained

What is the difference between our Intensive and Semi Intensive Courses?   An Intensive  or Semi Intensive  Course,  is ideal if you are looking to get your driving licence quickly. If you have had at least 25 hours driving experience, an Intensive Driving Course would be ideal for you. Rather than doing weekly lessons that seem to go on and on, an Intensive course can… Read More