Driving Lessons: Private Or Professional?


Top Quality Driving Lessons, and Excellent pass rates are just two reasons why you should choose Mr Driving School.

We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap these days, so we wanted to find out what our customers had to say about private practice over professional driving tuition.

 Private Practice:

 Well if your looking to get some additional practice as you are unable to afford the cost of driving tuition, first of all  you will need to find someone over the age of 21 who has been passed their driving test over three years.

Once you have found someone to practice with you will need to check how up to date they are with the current  driving test.

Learning with parents and friends can be helpful but it can also prove to be detrimental to what you are trying to achieve if they passed their test a number of years ago or if they themselves have bad habits.

Once you have found someone to practice with it is important to make sure that you have adequate insurance cover.

We found this company to be very helpful when it came to providing learner drivers with  insurance, http://www.wearemarmalade.co.uk/learner-driver-insurance  but please do some research of your own.

Please also remember that you must display L plates to inform people that you are a Learner driver, and try to  practice a level below what you have learned with your driving instructor.

For example if you haven’t yet been trained  in town centre driving by a professional, then avoid going into the town  centre with a relative or friend, as an  unpleasant experience on the road may put you off learning to drive.


 Professional Tuition:

 Okay we accept that to the public driving lessons aren’t cheap these days, an average driving lesson cost’s between £18-£25 per hour depending on the area that you live in, it maybe more in some area’s.

So it is very tempting for beginners to learn with either family or friends rather than pay for professional driving  tuition, however you maybe doing more harm than good.

As we mentioned above if the person you have chosen to train you has bad habits themselves or it has been a while  since they passed their driving test they may unintentionally pass their bad habits onto you, which could then lead to  you taking extra driving tuition to rectify these driving faults.

From my experience as a trainer over the years I have taken a number of clients on that have been self taught  unfortunately in many cases it took them longer to learn than customers I had trained from scratch.

On average it takes a complete beginner between 40-55  hours professional tuition to pass their driving test and  around 22 hours private practice once they are at a level where they can drive without an instructor giving them  verbal assistance.


I would have to say that if you are a complete beginner looking for driving lessons I would initially book some  professional driving tuition, rather than learn with a family member/friend.

Driving instructors have to complete three qualifying exams before becoming a driving instructor.

They have to  demonstrate a sound knowledge of the rules of the road by passing a theory test followed by a hazard  perception  test.

They must then complete a 60 minute advanced driving test where they are only allowed 6 driving faults in total and  also complete all their reversing exercises.

When they have completed parts 1 & 2 they must then undertake 40 hours of training on their teaching ability.

And yes while I agree that driving lessons aren’t cheap, it often baffles me when a client comes out with” i’m going to get some insurance on my friends car” so I can get some extra practice.

For the money they are spending with the insurance company they could be paying for extra professional tuition and recapping and developing the skills they have already learned with their tutor.

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