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How It Works.

  • Choose  A Course  – Your experience driving dictates if you should pick a Beginner or Intermediate Driving Course.
  • Tell us what days and times you’d like – We’ll do our best to match them, and assign you an instructor.
  • Book Your Course – We’ll book your relevant test on the day you book. (⭐new⭐)

When booking a driving course please remember that the DVSA have waiting times for both your theory and practical tests; typically these are 2-4 weeks for theory tests and depending on your area 4-10 weeks for practical tests.


If you’re new to driving, we would recommend either a Gold, Silver or Bronze course.

Gold, Silver or Bronze driving course can be completed in 4-6 weeks depending on whether you have passed your theory test.

If you haven’t passed your theory test, your driving course can take between 9-12 weeks to complete. Find your nearest driving theory test centre


If you’ve had plenty of experience driving we would recommend a 10-15 hour course, if you haven’t driven for a while a 20-25 hour course would be advisable.

Our short 5, 10 and 15-hour courses can be completed in a week and 20-25 hour courses can be completed over two weeks.

Areas we cover

South Yorkshire – Barnsley – Sheffield – Rotherham – Doncaster

West Yorkshire –  Bradford – Wakefield – Leeds – Pontefract

North Yorkshire – York – Scarborough

East Yorkshire – Hull

East Midlands –  Derby – Nottingham

Southern England – Portsmouth – Southampton

Still Unsure?

Book a driving assessment so our Instructors can recommend what type, of course, would suit you.

If you would like to speak to one of our Instructors BEFORE booking a course please Contact Us 

PLEASE NOTE: Mr Driving School only offer intensive driving packages, not individual lessons, and the total balance must be settled before your first lesson.

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