New Drivers: Car Technology You Need To Consider

These days, cars are packed with new technology in a bid to stand out from the competition. But with so much to choose from it can get a little confusing, especially as many car manufacturers re-brand the same stuff with different names!

As a new driver, you’re probably looking for in-car technology that can make your driving experience safer, easier and more enjoyable. We take a look at the best offerings on the market that any first time driver should take a look at:

City Steering: Fiat 500

The little Fiat 500 has been an absolute smash with first time drivers looking for a car that’s unique, stands out and is down right cool. The tiny dimensions also appeal, as it makes parking and manoeuvring around the city much easier.

Fiat have gone one step further, by adding ‘City Steering’ to the 500.

Using City Steering, by pressing a button on the centre console adds an extra level of power steering which means drivers can turn the wheel with one finger at low speeds (obviously, keep both hands on the wheel, we’re just highlighting how easy it is). Perfect for reverse and parallel parks into those tight shopping centre spaces.

Sensus Connect: Volvo V40
We love the Volvo V40, it’s undoubtedly one of the safest cars money can buy. However, few people know it has one of the most intuitive Bluetooth integration systems on the road; perfect for streaming music or calling friends (hands free).

Using voice recognition, drivers can ask the car to ‘call’, ‘change station’ and even input sat-nav destinations (sat nav usage is soon to be added to the driving test!). The reason the Sensus Connect system stands out is that it actually works, no more frustrating arguments with a ‘computer’!

Adaptive Cruise: Ford Fiesta (and many others)
Adaptive cruise control isn’t too new or unique to the Ford Fiesta, it’s available on loads of cars, but we had to include it because it’s a brilliant extra on any car!

Like regular cruise control, adaptive cruise lets drivers set the car at a fixed speed. On top of that however, adaptive cruise automatically slows or speeds up the car, depending on if another driver is in front (or not).

It’s perfect for motorway driving, letting you maintain a safe speed, without having to constantly apply the brakes or accelerator.

Vauxhall Eye: Vauxhall Corsa
Plenty of car manufacturers now use technology to make your driving experience easier, but Vauxhall have really cracked it with the ‘Vauxhall Eye’ in it’s Corsa range.

The Vauxhall Eye system offers the usual; speed limit indication, blind spot assistance (great to have, but make sure you always check!) and lane departure warnings. All good stuff, but we think Vauxhall offers a little bit more with it’s Forward Distance Indication and High Beam Assist.

Forward distance indication lets you know how long it would take to avoid the car in front, whilst high beam assist automatically switches between high and low beam when detecting oncoming traffic. Pretty clever.

City Safety: Volvo V40
Ok, we know we’ve already mentioned the V40, but Volvo’s ‘City Safety’ offering is well worth a mention.

At low speeds, the car is constantly working (using a mixture of infra-red, cameras and radar) to detect potential collisions. If you’re in danger of crashing, the car will give you a quick audible warning, but if that’s not enough, the V40 will apply breaks, helping to avoid any potential mishaps.

It gets a great review from Fifth Gear and Volvo even claim it could lower insurance premiums That’s something we can all get into!

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