How To Pass Your Driving Test

With over 16 years in the driver training industry our head trainer shares his top tips on How To Pass Your Driving Test.

Well if you have you’re practical test booked, my advice is make sure you have had at least  40-50 hours practice.

The national average for passing the driving test first time is currently around 47%. Which would suggest that candidates are taking their test’s to early.

With the average driving instructor charging between £20-£30 per hour. Candidates are booking their test’s before they are ready, in order to save money on driving lessons.

But with the DVSA charging £62 for a driving test   and many instructors charging a hire fee for their car, failing can be a costly exercise for the candidate.

It is important to check with your driving instructor to see whether or not they charge a fee for the hire of their car for driving test’s.

By booking an Intensive Driving Course or a Semi Intensive Driving Course, we believe that you are increasing your chances of passing first time.


Well for a start rather than taking just 1-2 hours per week, we recommend that you take between 4-6 hours per week. By doing this you are giving yourself a better chance of developing the skills you are learning from your instructor.

By repeating the skills you are learning on a more regular basis, your confidence will grow and this will replace any previous negative thought’s that you had. The courses that we offer aren’t just for people that have previous experience, they can also be for beginners.

Why not read some of hour reviews on

We have been in business for almost 6 years now and have had many successful students all over the country.

So if you have little or no previous experience visit our packages page, for advice on which course is more suitable.

The DVSA also give a recommendation on hour many hours experience you should have before sitting a driving test.


There really is no secret in How To Pass Your Driving Test, all you need is plenty of practice. Perhaps taking a look at the examiner’s marking sheet may help you understand what skills your examiner is looking for, ask your instructor for a copy.