Pass Your Driving Test

So you are wanting to Learn To Drive but how long does it take to  Pass Your Driving Test, and how much is it likely to cost?

Well firstly you will need to do some research so we have added a link to the DVSA the governing body for driving test’s in the United Kingdom.

This will give you some guidance on how many hours you can expect it to take. Then you’ll need to shop around, as prices for driving lessons can vary from area to area, but to give you an idea, you can expect to pay between £20-£30 per hour.

Once you have researched how many hours you will roughly need, you will then need to consider which way you would prefer to learn. Many years ago people took the route of having one lesson per week, these day’s however there are other options.

Here at Mr Driving School we sell package deals, basically the customer books a number of hours with us, relevant to their previous experience,  see our packages page. We book their theory and practical test’s and then assign them a driving instructor. Our aim is to get the customer through in a period of 1-12 weeks (subject to availability)

If you are wanting to learn the more traditional way of 1-2 hour’s per week, we don’t unfortunately cater for that market, simply because in the ever changing world that we are living in, people are generally preferring to Pass The Driving Test as soon as possible.

Our price’s at first may appear to be high ticket items, but if you do the maths, you will quickly work out that paying £20-£30 per hour over a number of months will vastly exceed what we charge for our packages.

We cater for Learners who have had past experience as well as complete beginners, if you’ve had over 25 hours of previous experience we can get you through your test in as little as 5 days, don’t believe us? Why not check out our reviews on