Free Consultation – What is it?

           Free 1-2-1 Consultation: Available in South Yorkshire and parts of West Yorkshire, Mr Driving School can offer you a FREE 1-2-1 consultation.

           If you are unsure which course to choose, if you are in other parts of the country our Head Trainer  (over 16 years experience as an approved driving instructor) is available to speak with you on most days, and will happily advise you on which course to book.

            Learning to drive can be a daunting experience, there are so many driving schools/instructors to choose from, and it can prove a costly experience if you choose the wrong one! Here are        some tips on how you can go about it.

  1.  Do your research, if you’ve never driven before, how many hours will it take you to pass? The governing body for driving test’s the DVSA gives new drivers some advice on how many hours it   can realistically take before they can expect to pass their driving test  

2.  Hopefully you found the link to the DVSA we included in the above sentence useful and you now have some idea on how many hours it will take you to pass your test.

We would advise that you shop around as prices for driving lessons can vary from area to area, independent instructors can charge anything from £20-£30 per hour.

Which as you can imagine could prove costly if you are only doing 1-2 hours per week, it could take you between 12-18 months (that’s assuming your having regular lessons) to pass and cost             in excess of £1,800.  Mr Driving School can offer you an alternative which we can discuss on your consultation.

3.  Have a think about how you would prefer to learn, some people want to learn at a slower pace and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however weekly lessons over a period of 16            weeks isn’t a service we provide at our driving school, we aim to get people on the road before that period, as that is where we have built our reputation

4.  Have you passed your Theory Test?

If not before embarking on one of our courses consider passing it first, that way you will have some knowledge and understanding of what goes into passing your practical test.

Don’t worry we can help why not click our link and get a taste for what the theory test is all about

5.  If you are interested in booking a consultation please ensure that you already have a provisional driving licence  this link will            help give you the information you need.


          Here’s a quick check list over what you will discuss in your free consultation:

  • Any requirements or problems you may have, for example when you are at college/work and what hours are best for you, how nervous you are before starting, or any medical issues you have.
  • Information on the prices of our packages (From time to time we may have a special offer on)
  • The driving test and the requirements for successfully passing.
  • If you decide to buy a driving lesson package, we will take into account your previous experience and recommend a package for you.
  • Lastly, the consultation will be your opportunity to ask any questions you have on your mind, or any advice you may need.

One other thing to mention is that the consultation is obligation-free. In other words, you are under no pressure nor are you forced to book a package  after the consultation. You can make your decision at a later date, and decide whether Mr Driving School is right for you. Everything is tailored to make you feel relaxed- or as relaxed as you possibly can be!